Karma Runs Over Dogma

I believe in karma, and I believe if you put out positive vibes to people around, that’s all you’re going to get back. You get what you give, whether it’s bad or good. You may feel that we do good but we don’t get the returns. Good is always collected in the potluck. There is always a return of good deeds. It may be sooner or later. Karma will not determine who is right. It determines who is left.

A Short Story That Could Make You Believe in Karma

In a forest, a pregnant zebra is about to give birth to a baby. It finds a remote grass field nearby a river and slowly goes there thinking it would be safe. As she moves slowly, she gets labour pain.
At the same moment, few trappers gather a lit the forest to fire to hunt for the Zebra. Turning left, she sees a trapper who is aiming from a distance. As she tries to move towards right, she sees fire.

What can the pregnant zebra do, as she is already under labour pain..?
What do you think will happen..?
Will the zebra survive..?
Will it give birth to a foal..?
Will the foal survive..?
Will everything be burnt by the forest fire…?
Can the zebra go left..? No, the trapper is aiming at her.
Can she go right…? No, there the forest is on fire.
Can she move down..? No, that is where the aggressive river is.
Answer: She does nothing. She just focuses on giving birth to a new LIFE.
The sequence of events that happens at that fraction of a second:
In a spur of moment, the fire strikes the tree that the trapper was standing by due to lightening…!
At that moment, he triggers the bullet, and the tree falls on the trapper making him injured…!
At that moment, the bullet gets misfired…!
At that moment, it starts to rain heavily and puts out the forest fire…!
At that next moment, the zebra gives birth to a healthy foal…!

In our life too, there are moments of choice when we all have to deal with negative thoughts from all sides. Some thoughts are so powerful they overcome us and make us clueless and depressed.
Anything can happen in a moment in this life. If you are religious, superstitious or atheist you can attribute this moment to intervention, faith, sudden luck, fluke, coincidence or simple karma…!
The priority of the zebra, in that given moment, was simply giving birth to a baby, because LIFE IS PRECIOUS…!

 It’s natures law of karma when people have unreasoning desire for revenge to hurt others, will end up broken and alone. Your karma should be good, and everything else will follow. Your good karma will always win over your bad luck.  Believe in yourself. Believe in karma.



  1. Yess “Glory” ( I use that as a “firstname” to talk to ) Our acts gives always re-acts … If Life don’t go as you like to feel good, change ! No acts, no re-acts, no change, and you stay that unconfortable way…. Tri ! If w’re mistaking, we have new chances untill we learned our ‘lessons’ … and we can go on to develop ourselfs more and more … always action – re-action …. and in a certain way, you find people or things on your path you need ” to grow ” …. Have a nice day, hanny

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  2. There’s off course an interaction too…. We’re not alone ont this world … one do things ( or not ) and like a chain-reaction that influence others… who do things ( or not ) that influence in their ‘circle’ / biotope; etc etc Like the story here above …

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    1. Yes thats why never be upset if bad things are following because of someone else. good is on its way for us. Karma is there for the bad people in our life.


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