Life Is A Vicious Circle

The world has become terrible place to live because man has become the cruelest animal. Its only in the books and movies you would find happiness, love, sympathy and comfort. All cruelty springs from weakness, when people can’t leave your life and see you happy they can’t resist.  Staying positive in a negative world is something that will keep you going. It’s very important to notice people to know them. Always remember who gossip to you will always gossip about you why not if it is your family. Negative people always spread gossip to feel relevant. Cruel people try to describe themselves as paragons of frankness. It is been taught to us even if someone is cruel to you, forgive them. But deliberate cruelty in behavior is unforgivable.

Be aware of those people who wear the mask of being good. They are the most dangerous people. We don’t live in a generous world so being positive at times becomes difficult. Being kind to people who back stab you hurts deep down, though at times you don’t know how brutal it was. And people who hurt you doesn’t have the guilt feeling of what they do is wrong. If you try to confess and sort they will blame you and prove themselves correct. Well said by Banashree “Be selective in proving yourself, sometimes peace is better than argument”. I understand it’s very difficult to stay with people who treat you as being unwanted. Forget it life is a challenge. I knowing saying all this may be easy, but going through such pain is difficult.

It is your life, not others property to collapse you. Don’t get carried away with the sweets words by people, who were once bad to you. Be ignorant to how they behave with you, but stop notice them. They may just stab you when they see you happy. A person will be rude to you as it is fixed and eternal. Only their style will change. Don’t retaliate to what they say stay calm and think of the next step to get away from them. Be leery of silence. When they don’t react it doesn’t mean you won the argument. They are loading the gun to fire you out. Cruelty is easy, cheap and rampant. Don’t laugh or make fun at someone when they complain, as to how bad life is treating them. Until you have stood in their stilettos, you will never know the years of pain she felt breaking them in. The daggers of silence last longer than anything ever spoken.



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