Happy Birthday, My Love

Our friendship started long before Nimesh and I ever actually met. Now it’s been 9 years that we are celebrating our birthdays together. It was always a good memory for me to keep growing with you every year. You’re the sunshine on my face, and the bright light behind my smile. When I met you I learned that you were far more amazing than anything that I had ever thought off. Our time together has flown by, like a twinkle of the eye! A true soul mate who is like a mirror to me, shows me everything that is holding me back, the person who brings me to my own attention so I can change my life.

Happy Birthday, My Love.

When I see you,
My knees go weak,
My heart jumps,
I cannot speak.

Let’s make your birthday sizzle,

I wish you only the very best,
From the bottom of my heart,
A gift of love wrapped in yearning.

Let’s fly as one on your birthday,
Love and best wishes
on your birthday!



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