Life Is Challenge

Life is like a password. Hard to figure out but you always want to keep trying with head held high. We always feel grass is greener on the other side; and have the tendency to hallucinate that others have better life then us. We all know that every tear has its own story, from the rich to the poor all have something to crib about, but we feel they are fussing on circumstances they are not suppose to; but be in their shoes if you’re judging someone. You may have thousand of friend but all won’t be your well wishers. They may sympathize you in your bad times, but they might actually be happy seeing you sad.

But have you ever noticed the challenges that we face sometimes also contains blessings in camouflage. We feel life is challenge because we don’t get the convenience that we are looking for, rather an interrupted schedule and interference. All we need to do is reframe the challenge with the right mental attitude. I know it is very easy to say but difficult to inculcate. A mantra to face challenge is whenever we are irritated or annoyed by the situation, we can ask ourselves as to what I learn from this experience? It may put up some positive whirl on the situation. We may miss on the opportunity to learn and grow if we are always fussy about the situation.

  1. A story of a newly married girl who also faces many challenges when she steps in her new house with new set of people. Instead of accepting her, they taunt and betray her in all the possible way they can. Years pass by, yet they be indifferent with the new memeber. It is a challenge for her to stay with them, but she can overcome it because of her supportive husband. Now after reading Glory Of The Stars, from past 5 months she is trying to follow the mantra to face challenges, she has overcome many but many still annoy her to the core. It takes time but gradually she learnt a lot from the experiences and now she knows her next step. Always keep your ideas with you to get rid of the problems that will keep you going with head held high.

With a little practice we can come to view challenges as some of our most valuable life experiences. Your true value to your work place, friends or home will be recognized that may have gone unnoticed one day. That will be the day you will be a winner in the race of life. If we want to change everything, we have to take each challenge as an opportunity to become stronger. To accomplish our goal we always look for different strategy. May be this challenge may prove you a blessing and gives you an alternative that we never would have considered otherwise. You always have a choice.

Challenging situations are part of life that will not change. You will always not be the victim of the conditions. Your perception will show you the rays of hope and success. So our main motto is to look for the blessing in every situation, and think of alternatives. And fret not, there’s always a silver lining in the cloud.



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