The First Cry Of My Newborn Niece

My sister-in-law Dr. Apeksha in Mumbai gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The day that will be forever inculcate in my mind. Soon to be named Ananya Sanskrit name meaning Unique, the infant arrived on Wednesday 8th April at Sangeeta Hospital.

We arranged to reach the hospital at 9:30 PM it was a 12:00 AM c-section. I had heard many conversations about friends screaming their lungs out due to contractions. It was a mixed emotion that I had been through, seeing the mommy (sister-in-law) in pain my heart raced so brisk, I could feel it rising up my throat. With every passing second in the room, I sensed myself edging to hysteria. I roughly calculated the minutes-or-hours she had been crying in pain. It was a mix of sadness and happiness.

Then she was been taken to the Operation Theatre my heartbeat was racing both for the Mumma and the l’il one. I wanted to be in the OT to see the baby but I was so panicky that I was not allowed. Her husband Dr. Amit my Brother-in-law was in the OT. We were all tensed as to how is the atmosphere in the OT.

And then was the cry of the l’il one, the moment that can never be explained but felt. I captured her beautiful, life-affirming first cry not just audibly but visually. Doctor presented us with Ananya Gala weighing in at 2.82 kg, 45cm. The baby was then been diagnosed and examined by the pediatrician while the mother was still in the OT.

The best ever moment that I would be describing to you all is what needs to be felt with closed eyes to visualize. The baby was been cleaned and taken to the mom she was crying but when Ananya’s mumma kissed her she stopped crying for a moment and I could see this by standing just outside the OT. The soothing music (Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein…) that was been played made the moment more beautiful. This brought tears to my eyes, a heartfelt moment.

After cleaning my angel she was been wrapped up in her rolling bassinet to present to all the family members, I huddled over tiny pretty Ananya, I gently stroked her soft newborn skin it was soft as the cotton balls. Her magical baby voice was very soothing. I’m certainly not the first to learn about the joy that is generated by giving.  It’s a great happiness to hold my princess. Love You Darling…



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