Rock A Colourful Blazer

Guys “Glory Of The Star” is here with some stunning fashion for you. Blazers are considered to be a part of very formal wear for corporate professionals, but now it plays a vital role in youngster’s wardrobe.  Blazers have become a stylish and smart option to be worn for work or play.  Gentleman all around knows that the blazer is the easiest way to make the perfect first impression. It can also be said as “Blazers are inherently, a smart piece”. A blazer can be paired up on casual occasion giving you a fashionable feel. Colorful blazers are worn with chinos and other such pants, and can be worn with jeans as well to look equally smart.

5 tips for a Casual Blazer

  • It should be shorter in the body
  • Ideally, it shouldn’t be part of a suit
  • Experiment with different colours, fabrics and patterns
  • It should be fitted to accommodate additional layers in winter
  • Build a collection


Blazers make a style statement. So fill your closet with all kinds of different styles and brands. Try out vibrant block colour blazers. Get bold and creative, as that is often what marks the difference between good style and great style.

Let us look at some combinations


Want to stand out from the crowd; the red blazer is telling passerby that your style makes a statement. When it comes to styling, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple and let the blazer take centre stage to make it more vibrant look.



Get a sophisticated style with the white blazer. It’s a oozing style to any wardrobe. To give it a smart look team it up with  a sky blue shirt, navy chinos and brown loafers for a night on the town, switching for a polo, jeans and brogues combination for lunch in the city.



Blue have many shades to go for, the navy blazer is perhaps one of the most well-documented wardrobe. A cornflower blue blazer can be paired up with white trousers and loafers when going smart or coloured chinos. Not too flashy, yet strong enough to make a statement in the crowd.



Green is an underrated colour in the men’s world. But it is more versatile than you might think off. When crafting your outfits, keep your surrounding colour palette natural and simple. Khakhi or white can be teamed up with the rich shades of forest or bottle green.



Pink is almost universally flattering on all skin types. Are you a person who wants to experiment with colour pink can make a classy statement too. Linen pink blazer gives a versatile look, a contemporary addition to your wardrobe that nods to heritage style.


I hope “Glory Of The Star” have convinced you to invest in coloured tailoring. No matter what your personal taste is we are here to inject a new lease of colourful life into your spring & summer wardrobe.


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