Pamper Your Feet

Study has shown that walking on high heels for hours can make your feet tired. Go with flats and keep the heels for occasion; or if you have dry foot problem because of the weather or tired from a long day at work. Why not pamper your foot to make them relax. Make it a habit to pamper your foot it keeps your body and mind relaxed.

4 steps to get a salon quality pedicure:

  • Soften Your Soles

Doing your pedicure at home is easier than you may think off. Everyone loves to soak their feet in the Luke warm water so why not put few drops of clove oil and rose petals or add crushed lavender to the water.


  • Remove Dead Skin

Using a pumice stone to scrub your feet which will remove hardened material from the surface without leaving behind a scratch. Use salt and olive oil to scrub vigorously all over your feet. Rinse the feet once again to wash off the dead skin.


  • Moisturize and Massage

Now time to moisturize your feet with your favorite foot oil or lotion, massage well in the circular motion to increase the blood circulation. That will eliminate the stress and brings therapeutic benefits and also helping you get rid of the dry and cracked heels and foot skin.


  • Whiten Nails

Suffering from yellow nails after removing your previous nail polish. Apply whitening toothpaste to bring back the natural luster to your nails. Keep the toothpaste for an hour and see the deference. And make sure to store your polish in the refrigerator to make it last longer!


So gals what are you waiting for get your feet pampered with the foot spa at home. Let those dirt be scrubbed and washed away! Hope this article has made you aware of the importance of your feet and how to take care of them.

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