Styling A Gingham Pattern

Gingham pattern has popped the style for both Men and Women. Whether gingham evokes sweet innocence, an all-American vibe, or sultry French allure, its versatility is undeniable. The classic print is enjoying a moment this season too, revamped in chic, modern silhouettes perfect for summer and favored by celebs like Katie Holmes and Olivia Palermo. The Gingham print comes in two major sizes; small and big. With the small print, it is much easier to pull of the print.


When wearing a vintage style gingham print, it is important that you add some modern and stylish accessories to give it a fresh vibe. The more modern it looks, the more your chances of having pulled off this look successfully.


Don’t be shy to try your gingham print piece in a different material. Chiffon, silk, cotton are great ways to still rock the trend but spice it up too.


Sport a Cool look with Banana Republic gingham skirt, madmen lace top, coach navy crossbody, J.Crew camel schoolboy blazer, navy bow pumps – preppy work outfit.


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