Nail Trend: Negative Space Nail Art

Negative Space Nail Art will be the biggest fashion and beauty trend of the year 2015. The art of keeping the Negative Space in nails started a couple of years back and was usually used in replacing the white color or where a clear color was needed.

So let’s get to the theory of this: In this type of manicure, your un-colored nail peeps out from the bold layer of nail enamel. It can be likened to the cutout dress for your nails. Negative space nails is a very versatile nail design that suits every age and style. A variety of designs can be created with the use of a single color. All it needs is the right mindset and an attitude to pull it off.

A tip to get this look in a jiffy? Paint your entire nail and then wipe out areas with a brush soaked in remover. More complex designs can be created with a simple scotch tape cut in the shape of your favoured design.

Negative Space Nail Art was the style picked up by celebrities and models and made a big splash at the New York Fashion Week which we can’t wait to try on.

Here’s a quick tutorial for Black & White Negative Space Nailart


1. Apply your usual nail strengthener to ensure a flawlessly smooth and evenly coloured nail plate.

2. Once the base is dry, apply nail art tape in shapes as pictured on all nails.

3. Paint over each nail with one coat of either black or white nail paint.

4. Apply a second coat of either black or white polish and accurately remove the tape.

5. Apply a glossy top coat over all fingernails.

Here’s a quick tutorial for Floral Negative Space Nailart


1. Paint your nails with a transparent base coat. Once dry, use a dotting tool to add spaced yellow dots.

Yellow dots are the centers of the flowers, so leave enough space between them to add the petals.

2. Using a thin nail art brush, paint around some of the yellow dots with a coral colour.

3. Repeat Step 2 with your other colors. Add a top glossy coat to seal and smoothen out the design.

Here are some designs which will add sparkle to your eyes.




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