Valentine Day: Love Is In The Air

Valentine Day is the festival of love where people give letters, flowers or presents to their spouse or partner. It is the time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship. It is the day when we all show love and gratitude to our love ones’. It’s said that Valentine day is for the people who are coupled up. That’s absolutely wrong; 14th February is for those whom you love that can be your parents, friends.


Catch with the few trendy look for Valentine Day:

Pick a Peplum dress with an easy to walk black wedges and simple accessories. A pink toned blush with a coral lipstick. Apply charcoal both on the water line and mascara. Tong your hair if you have long hair. Run fingers through your hair to open the curls.


Wear a little black dress (LBD) which is an easy going for a date, and pair this up with strappy heels. GO NUDE !!!! Hey girls hold on go nude with your make up to show off your natural beauty.


Planning for a romantic candle light dinner to one of your favorite restaurant want to look fancier than usual. Go for a chic look with a red, black or white. Skip your darlings heartbeat



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