Our Love Story

Meeting someone in the weirdest way, then they are a huge part of you. A story of two strangers, a connection from no where, studied in different college different stream of education. We first spoke on phone when we were in our 2nd year of Diploma we dint know each other, it was through one of our common friend.

Spoke for approximately a year, but dint see him as there was no social platforms at that time; SMS was the only messiah. Did start feeling for him after long talks month after month, but that was the time when he told me no; he was not ready. Still our friendship continued and one final day he proposed me which I was waiting for past 1 year. We spoke for 5 hours at a stretch and then started dating each other.

Had many ups and downs in our courtship as I was a hardcore non-veg eater from a Bong family and his family was a Vegetarian, basically from a staunch Jain family. However the phase passed, both our family agreed and we finally got married after our 6 years of courtship on 22nd January 2013. So even though its our 2nd year of Wedding Anniversary we complete our 8 years of togetherness…

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart



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