Candy Pouts To Trend This Season

Want to rock the look for yourself? Make up trend is something that everyone should follow, but most people don’t follow the trend. We do what is most comfortable to us; however we should experience the new chic style. A Candy lip is something most people don’t like but that gives a sharp feature to your face and helps your skin glow.

pastel lip

I was a girl who never loved those poppy colors. But once thought of experimenting with my lips and now I don’t leave the house without lipstick it is an absolute staple of my beauty arsenal. Get orange Sweet Nectar and a hot candy pink Rose Hip. Rimmel Provocalips are the long wear lipstick with a gloss over the top.

candy pink

Buy fashion magazines with yummy pictures of new pretty shiny things, and next time you see yourself with this trend. Go on the street is that orange lips. Candy Yum Yum is amazing! The color is super bright. Neon is trending a lot these days.

green lip

If you’re not sure this color will suit you, just Google the lipstick and you’ll see how wonderful it looks on almost every skin tone on the planet, it’s such a bright and flattering color. Most people can pull most colors off as long as you know how to combine them.

rainbow lips

Lipstick Queen is one of the best niche beauties. These sheer shades are lovely for spring and summer and easy to reapply throughout the day without the need for a mirror and super precision. Go for shocking neon, like the neon Maybelline above, or a stand out vamp lip.

candy red lips

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