Winter 2015 Fashion

Winter Fall is here! Just because the temperature has plunged doesn’t mean you have to let your fashion trend drop too. There are many warm winter fashion. Look for a winter style that will not only keep you warm but also make you look fabulous. Your style statement always needs to be like “Don’t Copy, Be Copied”. Get inspired by the runway and celebrity fashion and then try to mix and match the style with your Daily Street or professional fashion.

Top 5 ways to be chic in warm closet:

1.  Statement Coat

A statement coat is something one can pair up this winter. Just throw this eye-catcher over the simplest outfit like on a jeans and top.


2.  Knee High Boots

Booties will keep you hot this winter, knee height boots go with almost everything. This outfit would be great for those days when we keep snoozing our alarm. Get these paired with a skinny jeans and a light color top which will give a sexy and stunning look.

winter_boots3.  Turtle Neck Top

Turtle Neck Top often comes under winter fashion for their closed look and feel. Turtle necks have become essential in the closet as it is the best sweater anybody can carry. It goes from flowy style to fitted style.


4.  Leather Jacket

Add a bit of edge to your closet with a black leather jacket. It can give the best party look in winter. It’s versatile clothing. Dress the jacket up with fancy shoes and denim. Biker or fashionista, however you style it, the leather jacket remains a classic style.


5.  Tie A Scarf

Scraf in a way will keep you warm and looking fantastic. Drape the scarf around your neck allowing one end to be longer than the other. No matter what the season is a scarf can add the perfect touch to your outfit.



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