Why do feelings for good friends become toxic?

Did anyone have been through the situation, where once you were so close to your friend and now basically nothing more than strangers? There will be time when you may not know as to why this happened; it’s like things don’t work anymore. Strangers can become your best friend where as your best friend can become stranger. Continuing toxic friendship can only give you frustration. Instead of staying with friendship or relationship that doesn’t serve you well, call off such people and find genuine people to spend your time.

Sit alone and take some time to acknowledge, was the fault from your side or both end. You will come up with solution, but still if things are not smooth leave it! There would be so many people who would want to hang out with you. You are far more wonderful than you think you are, you need few good set of friends to be with.

I have experienced this that we change as people; a number of times in my life and maybe you have too faced this issue. The bond and the connection were so well, but now you just can’t gel up with them anymore, and realize they simply aren’t a big part of your life anymore. You don’t know how to react, to feel bad or feel like it’s somehow your fault. We have to respect each other, to be a good friend.

Is it about making something work simply because it was once there? It can still workout if the efforts are from both ends, one way relation can never work. It hurts when your friends don’t behave nicely with you. But the truth is that “No Pain Is Forever” so surround yourself with cheerful and happy people. Don’t let a bad and painful experience make you feel like you have a bad and painful life. You owe it to yourself to be happy. Some emotional pain is so deep and traumatic that it takes a lot of work and time to heal.

We hurt each other so much that we simply hold grudges, toxic feelings and become judgmental because we can’t just make peace with what may have happened. This is the time where we can take advantage of a great opportunity to learn a lot about our friends, facing ourselves and communication. But in such bad situation you come to know who your good friend is, and who those so called friends are. They call you when they require you.

“How you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you.”

Upset excluded teen


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