“Speech is Silver; Silence is Golden”

“If you have a speech of excellence, the better you teach. When you have the power of silence, the higher you reach”. Silence is a woman’s best garment. Speaking is good but saying nothing is better. Speaking in such a way to avoid causing offence can be worth rather than even expressive words. Silence is made in heaven. Listen and silent are the two words that have same letters but arranged distinctively.

Silence become the most potential way of communication and it’s more effective than words, for instance when our parents stare at us with anger we know that we are not suppose to do that, which is enough for us to behave better than harsh reprimand or scolding. Speech too is great, but not the greatest. Silence needs a special kind of power and authority of mind, to say nothing in the most difficult situation. Saying nothing is more difficult than expressing anger, happiness, love, betrayal with words. It is always upon us to choose speech or silence, but when we are silent, we are increasing our own knowledge by listening what others know. Most of the Silence plays a greater role! However we don’t deny the fact that words have healing power. But there are many fights that have stopped due to silence and on the other hand harsh words have ruined so many people’s present, just an exchange of few words can spoil the relation. But sometimes silence can also can make the person depress to the core, which may not lead to that great relation between the two hence forth.

But your silence can become your power in the long run. Mahatma Gandhi said that a person who is silent has less chances of speaking anything that is unnecessary or may hurt others. This explains that silence has greater importance than speech. If we remain silent, nobody can read our mind. Silence conceals most of our weaknesses. Talkative person who has the habit of speaking too much often exposes themselves which gives others a chance to blame you for any matter. So “Silence is Bliss”.

I got this inspiration of silence is golden from my mother; she always tells me silence doesn’t have an enemy.



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