Best Midriff-Exposing Runway

Exposed midriffs have been flexed for several seasons now, from the beach fashion to the blouse in the sari and from street fashion to the runways. Pairing up the crop top with a sari or a gown too is gaining foot among many celebrities. The high waist fashion too is back; if you’re not particularly fond of leaving your stomach bare, then go in for high waist bottom wear. It’s certainly not the easiest trend to style; it takes a somewhat daring fashion sense. There are plenty of ways to style a crop top so that you show up only a modest hint of skin, and not your whole stomach.

Different kinds of Crop Tops:

Cropped Turtle Neck Top often comes under winter fashion for their closed look and feel. A striped crop top can be paired up with a solid color pencil skirts or mini skirt.


Ultra Chic Laced Crop Top with a high waist skirt or can be worn with sari or wear a lace crop top with sexy shorts.


If you are looking for a chic and sporty look. You can wear the same with low waist track pants or baggy track pants or denims. Pull out your shortest shorts and pair them with a Cropped T-shirt.


Printed Crop Top can gel up with a peplum skirt, curvy girls can wear hot trends, like this peplum skirt or make it stylish by wearing a smart jacket with a crop top and a pair of well-fitted pants.


Printed High waist skirt with a plain black crop top or with a balloon pink skirt paired with an envelope clutch. Balloon styled skirts are both fun to make and give a nice result.


To give western looks to your sari pair it up with a crop top. If you have any modern prints sari like polka dots, abstract prints there is a huge collection of crop tops every where to look for in stores.


Crop tops are the fashion equivalent of learning how to pull of your weirdest fashion: it’s scary at first but with a little practice, you’ll feel confident enough to try it on your own. If you font have a flat stomach yet want to try crop top then go with a flair skirt that will give a trendy look. Crop tops have been everywhere this season. Crop tops took over the runways at New York Fashion Week. It’s the trend that’s slowly crawled up. But pulling off the crop top doesn’t have to be so alarm ticking.



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