Chinese New Year – Port Louis

A must see event as it is colorful and vibrant and where all worlds collide in harmony.
Stroll around in Chinatown for an hour and smell the different flavors of Chinese food. Port Louis had decorative arch and balloons across the road that is visible from a long way back. The waterfront in Port Louis was all decorated. There is also an open air performance space which often has live events and music, the Chinese New Year celebrations was worth catching.


The Caudan Waterfront Complex en-globes a variety of different types of shops.It is surrounded by the sea and far away you can admire the coming of ships in the port. Red is the main color used on the actual day as it means happiness. No knives or scissors are used on this day and food offerings are made so that the following year will be one of plenty. To drive away evil spirits firecrackers are set off.

The Chinese New Year made the major streets come alive. Never have I met a culture so rich in tradition and grace. Truly great to see and be a part of… Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Hope you celebrated in style and ate like a Horse.



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