Glimpse of Trending Handbags

What bag to carry this season?

I want my handbags and my shoes to be stylish but I want to make sure that they’re versatile. I have to make sure that my bag can go with a dress or with shorts or jeans. From the Totes, Amaze and Cash bags to the bold clutches, modern backpacks and satchels. The best statement accessory we all want to grab onto. Red and black handbags are now in the runway to showcase the classic and ladylike styles. No more you need to drag with a canvas tote bag everywhere. As the new trend is showing some new designs of handbags and creative use of the colors.

  • Little red tote are the key to making that bold outfit even more stunning than it can be. A red handbag is always a smart choice, whatever the occasion may be. Red is surprisingly versatile so whatever you pick is definitely an eye-catcher!


  • Clear handbags and clutches are the new must-have! We are seeing them everywhere! When it comes to the clear PVC bag a smaller handheld piece is what is preferred. Paring up with a colorful closet a clear case and you can still get a fabulous look.


  • Satchel trend either one or two top handles. Satchels are great for fitting all your essentials and channeling a preppy vibe. This amazingly professional looking satchel bag has two zippered side-pockets, one inside and one outside each, and a saddle-bag open pocket in the front. A classic shape gets a modern look from color-blocked leather.


  • Shearling Handbags have a unique appearance in each and every fall season; shearling offers a variety of furry looks! This piece can be carried as a clutch or sling bag that gives a classy look. Furry handbags are sheepskin with the wool left on.


  • Whether you’re toting books to school, heading out on an adventure, or carrying picnic essentials to the park, a backpack is an essential item that keeps your hands free while you’re on the go. Backpack trend was the flashback of our 90’s. Backpacks have gone high fashion by making a comeback.


From the classic shape and statement color to the luxurious calfskin may be our favorite designer bags. It’s all about function and fashion. Instead of talking labels and brands what we want is the style and trend. If you love fashion, most likely you have more than one handbag in your wardrobe. Understanding the social language of fashion is how people choose to embellish themselves.



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