Social Selling Excellence with LinkedIn

Marketing has a vital role to play in Social Selling. Listening on social media can be extremely valuable for sales people. By monitoring keywords relating to the brand and industry. Social platforms are not a place for a hard sell – it’s a place to build trust and credibility. These are the channels that offer opportunity to build relationships with a limitless amount of possibilities globally. Social Selling is a modern prospecting methodology that fills the funnel with opportunities.

Approximately 56% of B2B sales via social selling are done through LinkedIn. If you want your sales teams to succeed, they need to be involved with LinkedIn. Get connected with the right people to find opportunities. Improve and increase your network. Understand how to influence it to your professional advantage. Your profile is not a CV. It is where you present yourself and demonstrate how you can add outstanding value.

LinkedIn is the top social platform for business, so you’ll need to master 5 Steps to Social Selling Excellence.

  • Create a Personal, Professional Brand
  • Develop Your Social Identity
  • Extend Your Reach
  • Gain Referrals
  • Pursue your own Personal Sphere of Influence


New LinkedIn Sales Navigator has done excellent in social selling.

  • LinkedIn already has the original Sales Navigator service that could be accessed via their normal LinkedIn accounts. But the New Navigator has its own Login for a better standalone social selling experience that has reduced a lot manual searches.
  • The new feature available involves recommendations by account. Navigator can recommend contacts based on their past history, this could help you fortify that you’re connected with the right decision makers at each company.
  • You can filter your updates to focus more easily on company updates, content shares to stay in touch with what their contacts are into, rather than the general contact updates like role changes, new connections, likes etc.
  • LinkedIn membership is free, but the Sales Navigator is not. Pricing for individuals appears to begin with a 30-day free trial to start, followed by $79.99 per month according to the site. Also have an option to purchase annually at an additional discount.

Their goal is to make the right matches between buyers and sellers. Social sellers are 51% more likely to hit quota than their peers. Incorporating third-degree connections just might be your ticket to improved selling productivity.



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