Fashion: Sneakers Ever-Evolving Style For Women

I always adore the pops of color; styling of the floral sneakers is just brilliant idea! Sneakers were the style for guys but now girls look so good with their simple minimalistic style! Now it’s the year of the sneaker. Few tips that can make this ticklish style a fashion trend.

  • Experiment with prints and color
  • Don’t overdo fashion
  • Don’t forget ratio
  • Consider the season and material of the dress

It’s not a talent. It’s a skill. Color mixing is not the kind of thing that everyone is born with, so like any other skill, it can be learned. But if in doubt, black and white is what goes together

Awesome Ways to Pair Sneakers and look trendy

Dresses and sneakers are two very different styles. But it’s when you have the attitude to pull it off correctly. Then the ladylike and the hunk style can create a trendy look.

Choosing the perfect pair of sneakers for your dress depends a lot on the style of the dress you’re wearing and what time of year it is. If it’s a summer time and your dress is made of light fabric then show off your sense of style.

  • Floral print dress can be paired with a small flower print sneaker, canvas or eyelet. A tip: Make sure both prints share a similar color. Even a solid dress can do with the floral print sneaker or vice versa.


  • Striped dress can be paired up with the polka dot sneakers, incorporate this idea to go trendy.


  • It’s winter time so if your dress is made of wool pair it with suede leather. The goal of dressing is always to show case your best feature.



Statement sneakers don’t have to be loud. Sneakers can be paired up with skirts as well. Get a bold look you can pair up bright sneaker with a pastel color skirt or dress. There was a time when the trend was to match up with your accessories, now sneakers are being matched up with the jewelry; a Metallic sneaker in pastels, silver and soft gold is the classy trend this year.


Go bright. Go bold. Go printed!



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