Help a needy Child. Bring a Smile

They bought me in their life, a lost and a lonely child,
They handled me with care and made my anger mild,
Showing me love with no expectations in return
They stood by me and made me learn.

The days passed by and turned into years,
They made me feel safe and secure,
A smile on my face never seen before,
They took me to play on the sea-shore.

Dreamed of a toy, a game and a life
All I got in a small span of time.
Sometimes I don’t know the words to say
How to thank you in a precious way.

You made me learn, you made me dance,
You took me out, you made me laugh.
The parents of my heart and not blood,
Here I see the showers of love they flood.

I don’t need you mamma, but I want you,
I like it when I’m with you.
I love when you kiss my forehead when I am asleep,
and tell me that you still love me deep.


Help a Needy, and Don’t be Greedy”


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