Tso Moriri – Ladakh

Another Jewel in Ladakh. Tso Moriri is a sapphire blue colored fresh water lake beside Karzok village of Ladakh. It is about 210 km from Leh. The route is quite scenic but somewhere after Upshi the surface breakdowns. “Very beautiful but prepare for cold in the night”. It is 7 hour drive from leh. One of the most astonishing lake. Accommodation is very basic in Tso Moriri. But when you wake up in the morning and watch the splendid view of the lake, you know why you came all the way to this beauty spot. This lake is house of many Birds. Being  far from Leh it is unnoticed. The mountains around the lake change colors during the day and the view is amazing. Morning is windy and if you are lucky you can get to see Seagull variant birds. Because of the clear sky you will see shooting star at night. I had an amazing experience of the shooting star, felt like the star just dropped from the moon. Pure and soul calming feel of the lake never goes away when you visit Tso Moriri. Gets totally frozen in winters and temperature can go till -40 degree celcius, we visited in August so it was about -3 degree so chilly climate. This has got the longest travelling time out of all the lakes, from Ladakh. Yet the beauty of this place is worth mesmerizing.



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