Ways to Impress Your Boss

Your not expected to know everything on the first day. Trust it or not, you don’t have to be so unfair to get your boss to notice you. It just comes down to working “smart.” Complete the task that everyone forgets. If possible get your work done before the deadline. Give your boss an idea to implement the work easily. Some people judge their employees by their input, and others do so mostly by their output.

The best employee impresses with three facets: Attitude, Effort and Ability.

Here are some 5 proven ways to impress your boss.

1. Generate Revenue – The company is here to generate and save money. A more profitable way would be to focus on having a website design and copywriting that converts your visitors to customers. Contribution to the company’s profits is possible in many ways, you have direct control over cutting expenses.

2. Read – Whenever you have a downtime read some magazine of your industry. This helps in developing company assets, this is surely an efficient way to increase your value. Try to explore blogs that can help you key in some ideas to let your company grow.

3. Key in Extra hours – When there is ample amount of work put efforts and sit for extra time so complete the work before the deadline. While the quality of your work matters more than the quantity.

4. Be Prepared – Take notes when you have entered a new job. It may not be noticed by your boss, but the results of your efforts will likely be seen. Be prepared for a planned meeting or a question that pops up about a pending project.

5. Keep Track of Your Work – Be updated with the daily task of your team, whenever asked about the project you can be spontaneous. Apart from the way you manage the work, always ask your boss what can be done to manage the team more effectively.

What matters the most to a BOSS is that the employee is punctual


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