Importance of Having a Clear Vision

To succeed in your life or business, you should have a vision to start with, as a child you may be very curious and your parents could not answer many of the questions you had about success or growth. Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

With a clear vision, you rise from bed knowing where you are going and what your life is about to be. For a clear vision you need is the right “Direction” and good people around or a strong belief as to what you can do, even though if the crowd wants to pull you back. Once your clear as to what you want to do in life, many decisions are already made. A clear vision helps you stand out in your mission, and help you choose the right and the most important aspect of your life.

When storm is going to hit the coast, fishermen are aware of it, and they take the necessary precaution. Same goes with our life when we are determined as to where we want to go and what we want to be, no storm can shake your determination. We are the crazy creatures by habit.  We easily go through the motions of an activity without a clear sense of mission.  Often we lack vision, that’s when we see failure. No wonder we lack passion and motivation in our work.

If you do not have a clear vision of the path, you have an option to follow the light to the end of the tunnel or stay where you are. The darkness should’t be a matter if you’re bold and intelligent, it will be a concern if you’re foolish and coward. It will not get you anywhere. If we have a clear thought of our goals, then we can pack our life sprucely.

Mark Zuckerberg was successful when he was not even 25, but he has already proved you don’t need years of work experience under your belt to become the world’s self-made billionaire all you need is the vision and a plan to execute.

Every millionaire or any social act or any billion dollar organization started with the clear vision as to what place they want to make in this world.


  1. It may take longer than expected for some to gain a clear vision, but I think it’s very important to know what to do rather than do something for years only to realize this is not what one actually wanted. As Steve Jobs had said in his famous Standford Speech, “Do not settle till you find it”

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